I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay.

At only two years of age my parents took me to the movies for the first time and I will never forget Simba´s suffering as he watched his father die to a wildebeest stampede. Since then, cinema has been fascinating to me.

During my adolescence I watched films of all kinds, I fell in love, I studied in the Lycée Français and I made my first short films.

When I reached eighteen years of age I moved to Mexico City following my dreams. I studied in the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (cuec-unam). From all the fields I have studied and worked on, I specialized as a Director of Photography

I learnt from great teachers and friends, both in my school and on the set. I experimented with the genres and formats, fiction, documental and animated films and music videos. With every experience I have proved that I work only with the outmost enthusiasm and devotion to the physicality, the ideas and emotions of cinema.




Tel: (+521) 55 3717 9175



Mexico City



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